Prof John Somauroo – Consultant Cardiologist, Countess of Chester Hopsital. UK.

Prof John Somauroo has been involved with the IPHP from its early beginnings. One of his many research areas is the athletic ECG and detecting early changes associated with sudden cardiac death.

Dr Andre Lá Gerche – Consultant Cardiologist, St Vincents, Melbourne, Australia.

Clinical cardiologist at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne, NHMRC Neil Hamilton Fairley research fellow at the University of Melbourne and a Visiting Professor at the University of Leuven, Belgium.

A recent addition to the IPHP advisory team Dr Lá Gerche has an interest in the right ventricle and its remodeling capacity under various loading conditions.

Dr Aaron Baggish – Consultant Cardiologist, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston. USA.

Dr Baggish is another recent benefit to the IPHP. His research interests include, sports cardiology athlete’s heart, anabolic steroids and heart disease, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, high altitude travel and heart disease.


Dr David Gaze – Cardiac Research Scientist, St Georges Hospital, London. UK.

Dr Gaze has also been involved with the project from early on. His research interest is in the development and clinical utility of cardiovascular biomarkers for the assessment of patients with cardiovascular disease.

Dr Tim Schäufele – Consultant Cardiologist, Robert Bosch Krankenhaus, Stuttgart.

Dr Schäufele recently joined the IPHP team and he works closely with colleagues at Stuttgart Zoo.